How Does Virtual Staging Help Sell a New Build Property?

Home staging has been a successful part of selling a property for decades. If a property is empty or has been empty and on the market for some time with little success, the idea of staging is to bring in items of furniture to demonstrate to a potential buyer how it could look if they decided to take the plunge and make the property their home. For some people, seeing a property completely empty allows for them to draw up images of how they would fill the space, but for the vast majority of people home staging has been proven to garner better results, see an uptake in interested parties and help to sell properties that might have been left stagnant on the market for some time. Especially now in this time of Covid-19 however, could virtual staging be the perfect answer to maximising potential sales without the cost and effort of physical home staging?

Absolutely it could!

Virtual staging immediately means you can build a stock of digital photos of furniture that can be used on multiple properties. Inserting furniture into photos and videos of listed properties digitally saves cost, and a lot of time and physical effort that is associated with physical staging of properties.

It also allows you to have flexibility, trying out different looks for spaces in a much quicker and easier fashion than if something didn’t look quite right in a physically staged property. Instead of removing furniture and trialling something else (that also might not work once you’ve got it to the property in question), you can just click and drag, pull things into frame and see how it looks.

This can also be added to potential tasks for potential buyers, allowing them to see what a room could look like in different layouts and settings. This adds another level of enticement to potential buyers, allowing them to see much more than they traditionally would when viewing an online property listing or even physically visiting a property. The idea is always to make a property listing go viral, and you have to consider what makes a listing so popular.

Finding a professional estate agent marketing team with experience of virtual staging will help your property listings go viral. They will understand what type of furniture to add to any property and show different options to attract different types of buyers. A young family will have a different desire for a home than a group of young professionals or a retiring couple for instance. The quality of photos taken of the property and the choices an experienced team make in virtually staging will go a long way to helping an estate agent maximise the property listing.

Working with professional estate agent marketing teams will help you to achieve your goal of getting the most out of any individual property. Virtual staging can bring with it many inventive ideas that can astound and wow potential buyers, showing them different possibilities for a space that might not have seemed possible even when visiting the property in person and seeing a physically staged or an empty home. For estate agents looking to take the next step in their development, working with accomplished estate agent marketing teams that can provide a high-quality virtual staging service will help them achieve this.

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