About Moving Large Trees Between Properties: An Overview!

Many homeowners often feel emotional about trees on their property. After all, it can take years for a sapling to become a mature tree. If you are planning to move between properties, you can consider using a tree moving service to get the large trees to the new location. Tree relocation & moving is absolutely safe for the tree, and you can expect to get it transplanted at any location or corner of your new yard, after taking necessary steps. In this post, we are talking more about moving large trees between properties.

How are trees relocated?

Various factors are considered by tree moving services before they consider moving a tree. Certain species are more vulnerable and reactive to transplanting, so proper steps should be taken to avoid unwanted stress. Typically, hydraulic spades are used to get the roots, and everything is sorted in a way and left as it is, so that the tree is acclimatized to the current condition. The whole process can take considerable time, depending on the size and species of the tree. If you are looking to move more than a few trees, the time required will be much longer.

Things to know

There are many tree relocation and transplantation services that you can consider for moving the tree. We strongly recommend that you check for one that has experience and expertise, and their team should explain the whole process of how a tree will be relocated. In many cases, homeowners may have to vacate their current property but the new property may not be ready to relocate the existing trees. The tree moving service can keep the tree safe for you, until you are ready to relocate the same.

How much will it cost?

The cost of moving large trees, as mentioned earlier, depends on many factors, but in general, you can expect to get an estimate, which will be inclusive of all considerations. Make sure that you ask for an estimate in detail and check everything that is included. Also, don’t shy away from discussing the need to move many trees at the same time, which is possible and can help you move sooner to the new property.

Every time you save a tree before cutting it down, you make the smart decision of doing something good for the environment. For that reason alone, the price for relocation is definitely worth paying for.

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