Bakery Decoration: The Power Of The First Impression Of A Shop Interior

If potential customers stumble across your attractive customer stopper before entering, you have already taken the first step: Use the advertising space, for example, to draw customers’ attention to your bakery and your offer with an appetizing photo, your logo, and an enticing offer.

Once stopped, the customer’s gaze inevitably falls on your shop window. Great potential to positively influence the first impression with the customer! Can you see the goods? Then make sure that it is always presented fresh, clean, and tidy. Maybe you offer a specialty – it belongs here! A “bread, pastry or cake of the day” also attracts customers. The goods must be in the foreground. Appropriate lighting supports the effect of the goods on the one hand and directs the line of sight to what is essential on the other.

If there is no display of goods, you can still allow customers to see your shop: Show what you have! Your fine baked goods, the variety in the range, the large selection. But also, the cleanliness and neatness of the shop and its pleasant appearance. The customer unconsciously realizes what your business and your convictions as a baker are all about. Use this to express your uniqueness with all possibilities, for example, through colors, furniture, style, decoration, and light. In addition, you have a decisive advantage: The scent of fresh baked goods does not fail to be attractive. And when it can be seen from outside that you also have a coffee machine, a few seats, or even a nice café, the customer MUST come in.

Equipment And Presentation Are The Be-All And End-All

The presentation of the baked goods on a generous display area is the personal figurehead of every bakery. Here the self-made bakery products are presented, which customers buy today and should come back tomorrow. The way your baked goods are presented should encourage the appetite for the baked goods.

The display area can be integrated into the sales counter or attached to the side. Refrigerated showcases can optimally present cream cakes or sandwiches and keep them cool at the same time. The bread is presented on open shelves on the wall behind the counter. The corresponding baked goods are presented in bread baskets and classic baguette baskets on the side or under the bread shelves. Wicker baskets are a popular means of presenting baked goods advantageously.

Ensure that the customer has a clear view of all products and a good overview of the goods on offer. The goods should look particularly tasty. Pay attention to the optimal lighting. The right lighting makes baked goods look even more appetizing.

It is essential that you pay attention to a few rules when presenting:

Show the amount of each type of pastry and group the baked goods correctly.

Ensure access to all product groups from the active sales side.

Present the goods based on the time of day – for example, the chocolate croissant in the center in the morning.

Take care of and care for your products.

Another crucial point when presenting the goods is hygiene in the salesroom. The materials on which the baked goods are presented must be easy to clean. Choose bread racks like those in Schaumburg specialties for instance that are easy to remove crumbs from. The customer expects perfect hygienic conditions in your bakery.

Make sure that devices such as coffee and cream machines do not occupy a central space. They do not play a role in the customer’s perception and should be placed on the side in places out of the question for the presentation of goods.

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