Creating an Intimate & Fashionable Kitchen: 101

The kitchen is the hub in every home, it’s where everyone gathers to cook and often eat together. Your kitchen should be an area that is both highly functional and practical, yet still warm, welcoming, and a place you are more than happy to spend a couple of hours every single day.

So, with that being said, continue reading to learn how to create an intimate, fashionable, and stylish kitchen.

Re-Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Firstly, one dramatic transformation to your kitchen area, which, regardless of the size and layout of the room, can make a huge difference to how warm and welcoming the space can be, is to re-paint the kitchen cabinets.

Earthy and rich colors are the perfect way to revolutionize the overall aesthetic, so never be afraid of embracing darker shades and tones you have never considered. Light browns and even chocolate browns convey a woody, earthy, and relaxing ambiance to your kitchen space (and also will not show dust as badly!).

Vintage Detailed Decor

You are missing a treat if you have never spent an afternoon perusing the numerous charity and second-hand shops in your local area.

Especially when it comes to looking for unique, vintage pieces to add interest and focal points to your kitchen, charity shops always have a huge range of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces that will add a touch of the rustic to your kitchen.

Instead, if vintage-inspired design simply is not your ‘thing’, you could instead embrace warm brass and metallic details, from the handle on the taps in the sink to door handles and cupboard finishes.

The Farmhouse Feel

Nothing says welcome more than a country farmhouse kitchen. Still, if you are not fortunate enough to own a sprawling country manor, there are ways to inject the farmhouse feel into your own kitchen space.

One key addition to a rustic farmhouse aesthetic would be to invest in a beautiful, period fireplace from reputable and renowned experts such as, as either a freestanding unit or else one that remains stationary in one corner of the kitchen.

Add Fabrics to the Space

Normally, you would probably never consider the addition of fabrics and textiles into your kitchen, save for perhaps the covering of any chairs you keep there and, of course, the curtains.

However, even a simple and chic sink skirt or seat pads with extra detail embroidered on them can cultivate a warmer and more comfortable (both physically and metaphorically) feel to the overall interior design aesthetic of the kitchen.

Venetian Blinds

Whichever cover you choose for your kitchen windows needs to be in a design and fabric or other material that is easy to clean and generally encourages cleanliness.

This is where Venetian blinds come in, as not only are they highly functional and practical in a place of food preparation, but they also add a level of softness to the room and control the amount of light and, indeed, privacy to the space.

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