Creative Ways To Use Mosaic In The Home

There are so many different ways to incorporate mosaic tiles in the home, just get creative with it! Think about how you want your space to look and feel and how using mosaics will enhance that.

History of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are historically traced back to 4,000 years ago in a temple in Mesopotamia. Mosaic tiles are made of stone, ivory and other available products and can be simple, intricate, have geometric designs or any other kind the artist decides. They have been used on temple walls to tell stories, on street walls and floors, in homes, on furniture and so many other ways. Today, they are typically seen throughout the home in kitchen backsplashes, on artwork, in public displays etc. Using mosaic tiles through the home adds character and life to a space whilst featuring your style and making it easier to clean.

Popular ways to incorporate mosaic in the home

There are so many different ways to incorporate mosaic tiles into your home. You can add them as a statement piece to one room, use the same pattern in multiple rooms to create consistency, use different tiles to break up and create a personality for individual spaces or you can use them for a pop of colour.

Here are a few of the most popular ways to incorporate mosaic tiles in the home:

Feature wall

The most popular way to incorporate mosaic tiles in the home is through a feature wall. They will lift the room if you feel your space is too bland as well as become a talking point when people enter that space. Mosaic tile in the kitchen can be utilised as a splashback, in the bathroom vanity or shower wall, or even in the pool area behind a fountain. Using the same tile throughout the home works well if you want to create consistency in spaces or even do different colours of the same tile. The Matt Grey KitKat Slim tile would look incredible as a kitchen backsplash then following the same design, using the Mini Light Green Kit Kat tile in the bathroom.


Mosaic artwork is subjective and can be used in so many different ways. It can be used in the way of hanging artwork that’s created to be the centrepiece of the room, as a feature wall for a bedroom, in outdoor areas, embedded into the floor of a room either as a small or large piece. Choose what style of artwork works for your space and match the colours to your furniture and pieces in the room to draw in the style of artwork.

Water feature

Water feature mosaic tiles are popular additions to pool areas, bird baths, waterfalls and outdoor water fountains. By incorporating a mosaic tile around water, the light bounces off the glass making the tile look luxurious and inviting. Having a mosaic tiled bird bath looks beautiful in a garden and also attracts light which when surrounded with flowers and greenery, stands out. Most pools have blue mosaic tiles as they are durable and when the sunlight hits the pool it reflects the sky colour providing a calming effect.

Tiled stairs

Incorporating mosaic tiles on stairs is a bold stylistic choice whether you do a subtle design or go for a bright one. Light coloured mosaic tiles look amazing on a wooden floorboard and also works with having one step tiled and then the next step painted white. You can create a design going up the stairs or have each tile individually picked. It’s up to you how you want to incorporate your style into your space.

Kitchen island

Don’t have the space for a feature mosaic tiled wall in your kitchen? Why not incorporate it into your kitchen island instead. Choosing to tile your island is a great centrepiece for a kitchen and can be illuminated by adding light under the bench to take it to the next level. They’re easily washable if any shoes touch them when sitting at the bench and helps add dimension to an all- white kitchen.


Mosaic tiles surrounding the face of a fireplace is a perfect way to give the space a facelift. They’re a great addition to the room as they’re easy to clean, and bring a breath of fresh air to the space. Grey, black, blue and whites are commonly used for modern fireplaces as they’re easily paired with furniture and fixtures.

Bath and shower nooks

If you have a built-in bath, using a mosaic tile can look incredible. You can keep it simple if you already have a feature wall or you can use it on the bath face or even in the bath and continue it up the wall. If you have a shower nook, mosaics are used to accentuate the space and can tie in the bath tile.

We hope this list of ideas has provided you with some inspiration on how to incorporate mosaic tiles into your home. Have fun and get creative!

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