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Homeowners Association Management is evolving and how!

In today’s world where everything can be obtained at the click of a button, whether it is a movie you want to rent or order a meal or for that matter make a stock trade, it all seems so effortless and easy. So why does the aspect of Homeowners Association Management seem to be rather stuck in the past? Many HOA management companies have tried to tackle this issue by piling more technology into their processes. But is it really helping?

As a matter of fact, the core focus of property management is about people and relationships. Needless to say, when you are dealing with something as personal as somebody’s home, it is critical that a management company takes into consideration the human drivers and emotions involved.

‘To innovate’ doesn’t really mean to impose unnecessary new technologies or just randomly restart the entire process. It is a constant endeavour to remain flexible so as to respond to the unique needs of every association. While other HOA management companies might double down on technology development, the universal truth remains that even the best of technology can never replace great people. Instead, technology should ideally be used to enhance the experience of living in an HOA. The focus should be towards developing exciting new tools to help managers, HOA boards, and members interact more seamlessly.

Similar to any other industry, in property management you get exactly what you pay for.

Of course the idea of choosing the property management company with the lowest fee structure might seem very lucrative. But you have to understand that the difference between bottom-of-the-barrel management companies and top-tier companies is exponential. The high level of service delivered, day in and day out by reputable companies and the lack of headaches associated with low-level service providers will be quickly evident whether it was really worth the investment.

Renowned companies perform a multitude of services—some quite obvious and some crucial but not so obvious which ultimately net out to be a fantastic value. Out-of-the-box property management firms are constantly looking out for steps to enhance property values, build stronger relations and improve community enjoyment, all the while ensuring that state and local rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. A really good property management company will be proactive when it comes to problem-solving, active listening and ongoing training without disrupting existing operations.

One name that shines across Texas and Colorado will have to be Worthross Texas Management Company. Founded way back in 1999, it has been highly successful in nurturing relationships with their clients eventually leading to highest retention rates in the Homeowners Association Management industry. Continuing a long tradition of putting people first and offering services way above expectations, they provide customised solutions to protect, maintain and enhance their respective association, buildings, homes and lives. They even go as far as challenging the industry’s standard of an HOA management company.

Services offered are:

Association Governance

The highly qualified team of industry experts, can easily navigate your association documents quickly and efficiently provide recommendations and areas of concern. Plus, their standardized process for compliance tracking and enforcement makes it easy for Association Boards to stay informed at all times.

Whether you need a policy review, property inspection or hands-on assistance in navigating a claim, their in-house licensed insurance adjuster will have you covered at all times.

Financial Services

From CPAs, to MBAs, and MSAs, the accounting department at Worth Ross assigns every client a dedicated staff accountant to ensure fiscal responsibility and complete accessibility

Administrative Service

Whether it is mailings, meeting preparation, resale and status letters; the standardized processes and procedures keep things organized and efficient.


All the clients have access to a resident portal where owners can view records, account history and much more. A web-based accounts payable solution provides clarity and transparency on invoices.

Human Resources

Worth Ross assures that you no longer have to worry about recruiting, performance reviews, compliance and all other aspects of personnel management.

Worth Ross Management Company is one of the select few in Texas and Colorado that actively holds the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation granted by Community Association Institute (CAI). This accreditation proves their commitment to provide the highest level of service that community associations deserve. Plus, the company is also a proud winner of The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® program – which recognizes companies that deliver exceptional human resource practices and an impressive commitment to their employees. It’s a program presented across the country by the National Association for Business Resources.

The integrity of the company is evident through their Mission Statement of being Dedicated Stewards to Communities. All their efforts revolve around managing and nurturing the communities entrusted to their care. What’s more, they place the highest importance on accomplishing the collective good of those communities. Long standing partnerships with clients are a testament to this stewardship.

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