How to Update Your Bathroom in Time for Spring

With Springtime just around the corner, we are all beginning to look forward to everything that Spring brings with it – love, hope, and growth. Spring is the time for life to renew itself, and your bathroom should be no exception. From stylish showers, deep declutters, fresh flowers and colour-themed décor – these ideas are sure to turn your ordinary bathroom into a Springtime paradise!

Spruce up with a Spring-clean

I’m sure you’re no stranger to a good old spring-clean. It’s that one time a year your house gets a good declutter and items you no longer love to depart from your life. However, often your bathroom can be left out of this spruce up. Well, not this year! Take time to explore the goods in your bathroom and see what has been sitting on that shelf for a little too long. Say goodbye to the old and hello to your new bathroom.

A great day starts with a great shower

The most major change to enhance your bathroom is to reinvigorate your showering experience. A shower is one of the main features of any bathroom, so it’s time to give yours the ‘glow up’ it deserves. Aqualisa offers a range of different showers including electric showers, digital showers and mixer showers so whatever your showering preference, they have you covered. By transforming your shower into a sleek, powerful, work of art, not only will be you able to wash in beautiful bliss, but the stylish designs Aqualisa offers will add a great deal of undeniable value to your home and really gets your Spring-ready bathroom off to a refreshing start.

Get that Spring-style

To add that Spring freshness, pick a bright, vibrant colour and begin to tittivate your bathroom with delightful details in your colour of preference. For instance, if your colour-scheme of choice is yellow, then introduce some yellow décor to your bathroom – yellow towels, yellow toothbrush holders, yellow framed-mirrors, yellow shower mats are guaranteed to add that Springtime sunshine to the space.

Let nature in

A simple way to spread the Spring aesthetic throughout your bathroom is to include fresh flowers in your sanctuary. By adding blooming buds to your bathroom, you will bring to life the beauty of Spring. Just imagine, looking out of your steamy shower to bright and blossoming flowers – a true tropical paradise.

Lighten up

Spring is all about hope and light, and that is what you want your bathroom to emulate. A bright white bathroom defines luxury and can truly make your showering experience one of bliss. By having a well-lit bathroom, you will be able to show off your Springtime reinvigoration in its full glory, whilst also bringing the light of hope Spring provides directly into your bathroom.

After following these tips your bathroom will definitely be Spring-ready! You can search the splendid showers Aqualisa offers here. Because a great day starts with a great shower, and a great Springtime starts with a great bathroom!

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