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The Present Market Scenario for a Real Estate Purchase

As the world is still grappling with the evils of the unprecedented pandemic, forcing us to figure out a new normal, it is time we try to assess and navigate the real estate market. Listed below is a detailed analysis of the present market scenario for a real estate purchase. So, to find out whether this is the right time to buy your first home or not, read on.

Government Incentives

The Indian government has recently introduced a number of incentives for all first-time homebuyers in order to promote affordable housing. The government has taken great steps in order to ensure that affordable housing becomes attractive by providing interest subsidy on housing loans as well as reducing the stamp duty on under-construction property.


One of the biggest things to take into consideration when buying a house is one’s budget. Not only is it linked to your income, but also to your savings in hand. The best residential project in Dahisar by The Dynamix Group is one of the most affordable homes in the vicinity which makes it easy on the pockets for the homebuyers.

Buying vs. Renting

While there is no straightforward formula whether to buy or rent a property since it depends on individual preferences, an owned asset can either provide a roof over one’s family or generate rental income and with a little bit of patience, even long-term capital appreciation. Having said that, in the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the very importance of owning a home has become a lot clearer to everyone!

Considering all of these uncertainties in the market, whether you’re looking for small-sized apartments or luxurious 1 & 2 BHKs in Dahisar East or anywhere in Mumbai, a house is a great asset to have.

The COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly shaken up the entire industry. On-site visits have been replaced by virtual walkthroughs. Corporate developers now have a clear edge, considering the fact that now they’re able to showcase properties online and also successfully complete a major part of the transaction process – all of this goes on to providing leading developers and consultancies with an even greater edge as we see the market navigating headlong into a full-fledged digital mode.

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