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4 Reasons to Become a Digital Nomad.

The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our world. How we interact, what we know, what we do for entertainment, and how we do our work. In the nineties we really thought we had something when we could finally send emails. That was the digital nomad’s first baby steps. The internet quickly overtook the office, and the rapid move towards connectivity has sometimes made the physical office irrelevant. More and more people are discovering that all that is required to go to work is a laptop and an internet connection.

  • Freedom: So, what does this mean to today’s generation of worker? Well, for many of them this represents freedom. Not just to set your own workday, but freedom to choose where in the world you want to live. If you can get things sorted with visas, you can move to nearly any other country in the world to conduct your business. We are no longer tied to the country we are born in. We can move to that holiday location and make everyday a travel experience.

Cost: One of the primary advantages of being a digital nomad is the advantage of living in areas that have a lower cost of living. For example, many people choose to work from countries like Thailand because they can suddenly move up to a level of luxury that would have been impossible for them in their own country. Now, instead of owning a very ordinary house in Vancouver, you can purchase a high-end luxury condo in downtown Bangkok like the Estelle Phrom Phong (known as ดิ เอสเทลล์ พร้อมพงษ์ in Thai), a top rated development,

  • Climate and Culture: Getting the most out of our world and being able to move around the globe is an incredibly liberating experience. Immediately you are introduced to different cultures and new priorities and ways to live. You are going to find new favourite foods, experience different climates, and make friends from entirely different backgrounds.
  • Expanding Your Perspective: When you find yourself in a new culture you are going to see that there many ways of looking at issues and at the world. Chances are, in your previous life you had a very narrow view of the world. Working as a digital nomad broadens your perspective and makes you a more rounded person.

In many ways, living as a digital nomad feels like cheating. You get to do so many things that other people dream about but may never get the chance. If you can keep your business successful, and you have the diligence to stay out of trouble. There is no substitute for the digital nomad life.

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