Best Places to Buy a Home in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the few places that offer a diverse range of homes. It contains great views, mountains and the sea, which make the property market in Mallorca grow significantly, attracting many buyers worldwide. However, you’ll need to evaluate and identify the best place to buy a home to enjoy the benefits.

Check out the best places to buy a home in Mallorca

  1. Soller

Soller is made up of narrow streets lined with traditionally styled residential houses. It has great views, mountains, the sea, and a fertile valley. Also, Soller is close to Palma, the capital city. There is a tunnel that connects Soller with Palma city in 20 minutes. It’s, therefore, one of the most desirable and ideal places in Mallorca. Depending on your budget, you can get various villa soller properties with different prices and features.

  1. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is a resort city and capital of Mallorca, and community buildings are the common style in the centre and old town. It is known for its many luxury apartments, beaches and modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Palma de Mallorca is close to the sea, and that will increase your home value. You’ll enjoy the sun, the beach, and touring the magnificent city if you buy a home in Palma.

  1. Deia

Deia is a well-known place in Mallorca when it comes to luxury homes. Robert Graves, an English poet and novelist, was one of the first foreigners to setter here, and his house is now a museum open to the public. Also, many celebrities have positive feedback about the place, saying the place is appealing. The place has a consistent architectural style that is culturally rich. However, UNESCO does not allow new builds, meaning houses in Deia hold historic value.

  1. Real Golf de Bendinat

Real gold de Bendinat is a high-end southwest area with many luxury homes. It is close to the sea, making it an attractive buying place with privacy and tranquility. You can get large detached homes in areas like old Bendinat, with high hedges and gates for ultimate exclusivity. Villa homes in Real Gold de Bendinat have large gardens and pools, making them ideal for families.

  1. Calviá

Calvia is a small town and the seat of the island’s most popular municipality. Its proximity to Palma city and has a lesser busy coast. It has proximity to the city of about 20 minutes and 25 minutes to the airport. Also, Calvia has a distinct traditional charm, another good reason to buy a home there. There are great restaurants, grocery stores, sports facilities and a town hall in Calvia.

  1. Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar is famous as a small holiday resort but has undergone radical changes to increase new builds. There are great architectural designs in the area, making the place have modern styles of homes. So, if you’re looking for something striking, Camp de Mar is the place for you.

In summary

 Mallorca is your ideal place for your new home! It is one of the known places and among those world’s top and best places to live. Mallorca offers many areas to buy a perfect home. So, if you’re looking for such places in Mallorca, the above places are the best for you.

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