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Choosing The Best Place To Live In Bangkok

When you move to Bangkok for the first time, you will need to do plenty of research on where to live to ensure you find somewhere affordable and comfortable. Bangkok is a vast city that gives the impressions it sprawls on forever, and there are many areas where you can live comfortably. If you are heading to Bangkok to live and have never been there before, below is some advice to help you settle in and start living your life in the Big Mango.

Choose A Short Term Rental Option First

One of the best things that you can do is find an apartment that offers short lets so you can find your feet and settle into the city. It can then help you decide what you need in apartment facilities and location and help you find the best place to live. You can easily find an apartment for rent in Sathorn, monthly rentals are also available, and this part of the city is a central and convenient location until you settle in.

Choose A Convenient Location

When you have a short term rental sorted, you can then start your search for somewhere more permanent to live. If you are going to be working in Bangkok, you will need to consider your daily commute, as travelling in Bangkok can be slow going, and it gets much worse when it is raining. You may wish to select somewhere close to the MRT or BTS transport links to make travelling easier or consider buying a vehicle for yourself. You may also want to live in an area with plenty of local amenities, including shops, hairdressers, shopping malls, dentists, doctors, and bars and restaurants.

The Amenities In Your Building

You will also have to consider what you want in your apartment and the building, which can make your life more comfortable while living in Bangkok. You may wish to have a simple studio apartment or one with multiple rooms, and you can also select one with a swimming pool, a gym, and a restaurant. If you purchase a vehicle, you will also want secure parking, and 24-hour security is standard in most apartment buildings. Some buildings also offer a shuttle service to local shops and transport links, and you may also wish to have some gardens that are nice to look at, and you can relax in when it is not too hot. Choose a short term let when you arrive in Bangkok, which will give you plenty of time to find the perfect place to live and allow you to enjoy everything that the city has to offer.

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