End of Tenancy Cleaning in London: Get a professional service now!

End of tenancy cleaning is often the primary source of dispute between landlords and tenants. As a tenant, you are responsible for upkeep of the property. If and when you leave, the property should be in the same condition as it was before you moved in. Before you consider DIY cleaning, keep in mind that tenancy cleaning is more than just cleaning the floor or dusting the cupboards. You have to ensure that everything is as spick and span as possible. Instead of struggling with the concern, consider hiring a professional company. There are many end-of-tenancy cleaning services, such as Citi Clean London, which can complete the job sooner than you expect.

Benefits of professional end of tenancy cleaning

  1. Get expertise and experience. Eventually, all you want is your deposit, and to part ways with the landlord on amicable terms. Consider hiring end of tenancy cleaning services, so that the work is done as per industry standards. These companies will come with their own checklist and ensure that their workers and cleaners leave, only when everything has been ticked.
  2. A better job done. Most tenancy cleaning services in London offer some assurance or guarantee of the job. At the least, you can expect a 24/48-hour guarantee, and you can call your landlord during this time for an inspection. Cleaning on your own can mean losing out on valuable time. A good service will send insured, bonded cleaners, who will come with their own tools, supplies, and cleaning products.
  3. Not that expensive. Yes, end of tenancy cleaning can cost more than standard housekeeping, but eventually, it’s worth getting back your deposit. You can get an estimate from the shortlisted service in advance, and therefore, there shouldn’t be worries related to hidden costs or other charges.

Tips to find the right tenancy cleaning company

Before anything else, check if the concerned tenancy cleaning service has experience. You may want to know the number of years they have been in business. Good independent reviews posted on Google can be also handy for comparing your options. Another important aspect is the checklist of the service. You need to know what’s included in the price. Ideally, tenancy cleaning should cover for cleaning of hardware, appliances, furniture and everything else. If you have carpets and upholstery that must be cleaned in depth, additional charges may apply.

Make sure to call a tenancy cleaning service in time, so that you can peacefully move into the next property.

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