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Slate Tile Roofs Are Unique and Effective

Slate tile roofs certainly have a lot of notable advantages. However, some people might be worried about the associated installation costs of slate tile roofs.

Tile Costs

It’s certainly important to note that slate tile roofs are still not quite the most expensive roofs that are currently available today. Clay tile roofs are still more costly than their slate tile counterparts.

The clay tile roofs still might cost three hundred dollars more than slate tile roofs for every square. Both clay tiles and slate tiles have plenty of individual benefits, but people often choose both of them based on their appearance.

Clay tiles can often look as if they were made from slate or wood. If people like the appearance of slate tiles, they should usually just get slate tile roofs instead, especially since the slate tiles will still usually be less expensive than the clay tiles.

Both clay tiles and slate tiles are known for being very durable. People should always think about the long-term costs of installing roofs made using certain materials. The replacement costs are certainly an important part of the picture.

Solid Roofs

Since slate tile roofs are definitely known for their durability, the initial installation costs should be the primary ones that people should consider. It’s true that slate tiles can be somewhat fragile when they are first getting installed, which can lead people to believe that the finished roofs themselves will be just as fragile.

The skilled professionals at places like will handle materials like slate tiles correctly. When slate tiles break during the installation process, it’s usually because the people installing them were not careful when handling them.

They also may not have known how to handle slate tiles effectively. It’s often difficult for even skilled and talented home improvement enthusiasts to install something as substantial as a household roof.

The people who do still want to install roofs of their own should usually avoid doing so if they want to get slate tile roofs put into place. Some roofs are much easier to install than others, and a slate tile roof should usually only be installed by roofing professionals.

People who try to install slate tile roofs independently might end up damaging some individual slate tiles that they use. Given the high cost of each individual slate tile, it might be relatively easy to lose money under these circumstances. People can get the slate tile style that they want more easily when working with professionals.

Multiple Styles

Slate tiles will give people many more options when it comes to both styles and shades. Homeowners who have a very specific housing design in mind will sometimes pick slate tiles because they won’t be able to get the roof look that they want without them.

People will often notice that roofs tend to only be available in a few shades. Lots of roofs will look similar to one another for that reason. Slate tile roofs can give people the ability to choose a roof that will truly look different from many of the others in the neighborhood.

A roof like that will also be quite noticeable when the house has been listed and is officially for sale. Many people like slate tile roofs, even if they have never had them installed themselves.

Slate tiles will add a lot of value to any house, and make the house more costly for new home buyers. However, those people would probably spend more money if they decided to add slate tiles roofs to their own homes currently. The original homeowner still will have absorbed some costs associated with slate tile roof installation.

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