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How to Craft Eye-Catching Online Real Estate Listings

Are you a real estate agent who’s struggling to sell fabulous homes? Are you worried your listings don’t do the house justice?

Authors may have a great story, but if they don’t write an interesting description, then readers will put their books down. And this is exactly the same for house buyers.

You could have the most perfect home for someone, but if your listing doesn’t entice them, they’ll scroll past it.

So how can you prevent this from happening?

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to create real estate listings that sell. Apply these tips to your own property listings and see your sales increase.

Read on for more information.

Create an Engaging Headline That Catches the Reader’s Eye

Potential buyers already have an idea of the property they want and where. So, when you write your headline, put yourselves in their shoes. What would they like to see?

An engaging headline should be short, descriptive, and location-specific.

For example, ‘3 bedroom lakeside apartment in San Francisco’. Or, if you have villas for rent, then something such as ‘Miami sea view villa with private pool’ is great.

This headline example describes the property, its unique feature, and where it’s located. It doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too much information. It also appeals to buyers wishing to live in a specific area and filters out those who don’t.

Write a Powerful Opening Statement That Builds on the Headline

Once they’ve clicked on your listing, you need to impress them with an opening statement. It should tell them what they’re looking for and make them want to keep reading.

You need to understand what would impress them and why this property is ideal for them.

For example, try to work out their needs and list the features that fulfill them. This could be things like ‘private and spacious back yard’ if you feel they have kids.

If you feel they’ll need to commute to work, then include descriptions such as ‘nearby public transport links’.

Create a Compelling Description

The listing description will take up the majority of the word count, so write it carefully.

You need to focus on the specific details of the property. Start off with the main features such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and size. Try to use creative language so you don’t make them feel as if they’re reading a manual.

You’ll need to finish it off with a good call to action. For example ‘a house like this will not be on the market long, so arrange a viewing today’. This gives them a sense of urgency, which is a key tactic of selling.

How to Write Real Estate Listings That Sell

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide on real estate listings.

As you can see, great listings are not hard to write. You just need to ensure you focus on the properties features that make it unique. Once you do this, the properties will sell themselves.

Finally, check out our blog for more real estate tips.

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