How To Efficiently Choose A Reliable Water Restoration Company

Water supply is an essential part of every household and business. It is needed when preparing or consuming food, cleaning, bathing, and grooming to name a few. So when people encounter substantial damage to their water supply, it instantly causes a domino effect and disruption to their daily tasks at home or on their business.

Cracked pipes, leaking roofs, molds, and flooding due to heavy storms are the most common problems many face when dealing with water-related issues. Water damage is widespread, but it can also put a massive dent in your budget. 

Water damage restoration is undeniably a serious issue that needs a solution professionally and fast. But how do you find a reliable water restoration company? You’re in luck because here are seven key factors to look for in a professional water restoration service.

  1. Availability

You will never know when water damage may occur; therefore, a restoration company’s availability is critical to consider when hiring one. Water-related issues can easily branch out to their surrounding area, and it can quickly turn into something more severe and complicated. Here are some notable questions to consider when looking for a water repair service:

  • Is the company available 24/7?
  • How soon can they start the clean-up and repair process?
  • Do they offer emergency planning services?
  • Does their team have sufficient training and experience?
  • Is the business certified by a respected credential program?

A professional restoration firm understands this urgency, and they should be able to assist you right away or as soon as you’re available. It would be easier to set an appointment for household calls instantly; however, if you own a business, a building, or other essential facilities such as hospitals and schools, you need to work out the schedule to minimize the inconvenience effectively.

  1. Licensing and Insurance

Choosing a restoration team that has complete license certificates and is well-insured proves to be highly beneficial. Having full papers reflects the company’s accountability and confidence in its expertise in this line of work.

Unlicensed and uninsured companies may offer cheaper services, but they may also cut corners and not adequately fix the water problem. Since they do not provide accountability, you might be at risk of immediately encountering the same issue, which is an added expense.

  1. Good Knowledge of Insurance

Every year, water damage or freezing claims account for almost 24% of all household insurance claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. To elaborate, the average cost of said damages is about $10,900.

A trustworthy water repair company understands how insurance claims work and their importance.

Most insurance claims typically cover the following damages:

  • Burst Pipes – This may include a frozen burst pipe. However, if you have intentionally turned off the heater on your property, the insurance would likely deny your claim.
  • Accidental Leaks – This covers leaking pipes or appliance leaks from kitchen utilities, including broken washing machines, grease duct access panels, or dishwashers, to name a few.
  • Water Damage After a Fire – Any damage incurred from water used to extinguish the flames, such as sprinklers or water hoses from the fire department.
  • Roof Leaks – This refers to leaks after a heavy storm or a tree that falls over the roof.
  • Water Damage from Storms – This includes heavy rainfall and hailstorms.

While we’re on the topic of insurance claims, here are the water damages insurance companies will NOT cover:

  • Water Damage Due to Negligence – This includes deliberately delaying repairs on a plumbing issue or failing to turn the heat on during colder seasons.
  • Intentional Water Damage – Setting fire to your property or purposely turning off your heater during the winter.
  • Floods, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis – These natural catastrophes are typically excluded from standard insurance policies. If you require extended coverage for floods, you must purchase a separate insurance policy.
  • Cost to Repair the Source of the Water Damage – usually applies with broken appliances.

A water restoration firm that lacks basic knowledge on insurance claims could potentially miss an important step that could cause the claim to fail. Always ensure to hire a company that values your insurance investment.

  1. Restoration Plan

The restoration team you hire must explain and simplify their course of action so that you are fully aware of the amount of work needed. You also need to allow some room for unexpected obstacles, but an efficient company can handle these unforeseen circumstances professionally.

Find a team that knows what actions to take to effectively remove water from your property and prevent more water from coming in to reduce the damages. They also need to evaluate what you can still restore before executing their action plan.

  1. Good Reputation

A reputable water restoration company will mostly have good references online or from friends and colleagues. Suppose you live in an area subject to occasional flooding. In that case, you can easily ask neighbors or anyone from the site for a reliable water repair company that has previously helped them. 

When searching for reviews online, try searching for reviews in community-based websites and try to steer away from companies that mostly have 5-star reviews since it would most likely be biased.

  1. High-quality Equipment and Methods

Hiring a restoration team that utilizes the most up-to-date equipment and technology available significantly makes the repair process faster and more adequate than companies with outdated practices.

Technology has been very progressive in recent years, and a good water repair company must always keep up to improve their services. Water damages mainly involve water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold growth. By using modern equipment, the repair team can help prevent the future development of molds from helping ensure your personal property. 


It would be highly beneficial to choose a water restoration company with these qualities to get your property back to normal after a substantial amount of water damage. Find an experienced company that helps your business get back on track and gives you peace of mind. 

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