Living in the Coastal Haven of Burlingame: Experiencing More than Just Mesmerizing Scenery

Burlingame is a charming little city located just outside of San Mateo. Considered one of San Francisco’s most precious hidden gems, this historic area is brimming with things to offer. Homebuyers can enjoy a bustling economy, easy access to San Francisco, great public schools, a safe downtown, and breathtaking scenery. If you are considering moving to Burlingame, here is everything about this city that you will not read in a brochure.

Population and Demographics

Burlingame is home to about 30,400 residents. The relatively small city has a 40.4 median age, and the population comprises 60.5 percent non-Hispanic white residents, 20 percent Asian, 14 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent African American residents. Burlingame is a very safe city, with a violent crime rate of 51 percent lower than the national average.


Each Burlingame neighborhood has something to offer, and your Burlingame realtor will help you find one that best meets your needs. If you love action, you will love the many restaurants and boutiques in Old Burlingame or Burlingame Park. An extra perk is the larger lot sizes here. Burlingame Park, in fact, embodies Burlingame’s classic style perfectly, with its mix of modern rebuilds and traditional homes. Meanwhile, if you are raising a family, the charming Burlingame Village is for you.

Things to Do

There are countless things to do in Burlingame, whatever your interests. If you love to shop, the city is home to two shopping districts along Burlingame Avenue and Broadway. You can also enjoy days at the park in Bayfront Park. This waterfront park features several hiking trails along the coast, athletic fields, and a dog park. If you are a history buff, the iconic Kohl Mansion will present many treasures to discover. Other attractions you can enjoy include Anza Lagoon and the Peninsula Museum of Art.

Jobs and Economy

Burlingame real estate is a thriving market partly due to the city’s growing economy. Previously dependent on the airport and airport service, the city has since diversified to include many biotech companies. Burlingame’s proximity to San Francisco has also turned it into a hub for major tech employers. Notable firms in the city include Guittard Chocolate Company, Lalouh Marketing, Virgin America Airlines, Tesla Motors, Apple, and Mills-Peninsula Medical Services. 


Burlingame has two public school systems: San Mateo Union High School District (high school) and the Burlingame School District (elementary and middle school). The latter is one of the best-ranked districts in the state, with four of its schools rated a 9 0r 10 and scored between 880 and 925 by the California Department of Education. There are also multiple colleges within 15 miles of the area, including San Francisco State University and College of San Mateo.

Climate and Weather

Burlingame’s climate is primarily Mediterranean, so you can look forward to warm, dry summers and an average temperature of 72 degrees. It does not rain much in this city, with about 256 days of sun, no snow, and 23 inches of rain yearly.

Explore Burlingame Homes with an Experienced Agent

Burlingame espouses coastal living at its best. With such levels of safety, a thriving economy, and so many things to do, there is no reason not to move to Burlingame. And the best way to do that is with the help of an experienced agent like Mary Ann Teixeira. Teixeira has over 15 years of experience in San Mateo real estate and can help you settle in a home and neighborhood that meets your needs and fits your budget. Contact her office today to start your journey to the west.

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