Renting Or Buying Your Own Office

Renting or buying a property to practice a profession is still part of the imagination of many professionals, but little by little, some myths are falling away. It still makes sense to follow this option when the expectation is to customize the environment entirely. In this case, you must look for a real estate agency and have some guarantee in the case of rent (such as guarantors, capitalization bonds, or insurance) or, if the total resources are not available, the possibility of financing when buying.


Space To Gather All Employees Of A Large Company

Many coworking and virtual offices perform well in scaling work positions, if necessary. However, for big teams, owning an office may be viable if there is an intention, for example, to build a cafeteria with food production in place or to bring a large amount of equipment to the workplace.

Full Customization Of The Environment

When you buy a property, it is possible to tear down walls, build rooms specially designed for the company’s needs, change the structures of the environment, and even insert large and own equipment. For example, physical education professionals who want, in addition to a desk to work on, have gym machines can benefit from the total customization of the space. If you need shared equipment, the best option would be to seek a coworking geared to your type of work.

Stability Concerning Address

Investing in your own office, as expensive as it may be, can bring a greater sense of stability to the address for the owner. Although it is unlikely that an enterprise such as a co-working or virtual office will close overnight, the administration of the business is not up to whoever uses the service, which may lead to the need to change addresses if the space needs to be restructured. A good solution, in this case, is to find a place that accepts more extended contracts.

High Costs

If the virtual office like is the category of shared environments with the highest cost, this factor tends to be even more significant when renting or purchasing your own space. Spending on salary and labor charges for receptionists, cleaning staff, security, electricity, water, taxes, and maintenance can easily exceed expectations.

Preparation For Departure

Suppose you chose to rent a property and paint walls, make electrical installations for new equipment, install carpeting, or any other modification to the space. In that case, it is likely that, in addition to spending on the execution of the service, you will also have to be charged to leave things again the way you received them. Your company must be prepared for this cost. This is a common requirement in almost all real estate companies.

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