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How To Give Your Garden A Little Luxury

Within the UK, there is a conception that a luxurious garden must be one of neat flower beds and immaculately trimmed lawns. This image, while certainly wonderful and deserving of praise, is not, the only form of luxury a garden space can achieve. In fact, as a wave of new homeowners take to transforming their garden spaces, developing new styles and trends, what we consider to be outdoor decadence is changing.

If you are one of the many British residents overlooking their own garden, be it a huge plot of land or compact balcony space, there is certainly potential to transform the space into a luxurious area. To help, we’ve put together a few tips taken from modern and popular designs occurring more frequently across the country.

High-Quality Stone

The materials that we place within our garden spaces are the fundamentals of quality. If corners are cut and costs are sought to be saved, we often end up paying a price later down the line. Plus, as we try to reduce our expenditure, we end up making less of a positive impression on others, encouraging cracks to appear. Wooden walkways, for example, can be marvellous, organic designs. However, they deteriorate quickly and require ongoing upkeep.

Instead, for a feature so fundamental to your garden’s design and navigation, it is worth investing in premium stone that will not only last much longer, maintaining its form against the elements, but will also keep its visual appeal.

Renovation Your Outbuilding

Garden sheds are ubiquitous across the nation. However, as our gardening preferences change and a wave of new homeowners seek to scrutinise old habits, sheds are being renovated, rejuvenated, and replaced. Log cabins, studios, and external offices are springing up in their place, bringing a new type of luxury with them. These spaces are enabling homeowners to pursue new hobbies and indulge in relaxing rooms of their own creative design, those that also benefit from being nestled in natural, outdoor spaces.

Work With Nature

There are a number of plants that can add copious luxury to your garden space. Ivy, for example, is so tightly associated with heritage and the British countryside that it can bring the same regal associations to your home. Tropical trees, such as palm trees, are not only low maintenance but can stand out among the neighbourhood with eye-catching appeal.

Alternatively, nature can be used to create privacy, building walls and seclusions with hedges and trees. While these plants will require a little maintenance to ensure they keep tidy, they have exceptional visual appeal and are far more elegant than many store-bought barriers and fences.

Water And Fire

Elemental features have the potential for great appeal but with a few caveats. Water features, for example, must be carefully designed and maintained or else fall into disrepair, even attracting pests. When created with style and consideration, water features and ponds can have brilliant elegance, transforming an outdoor space into an environment of tranquillity. Fire pits also require similar thinking and benefit greatly from firebrick housing designs that prevent the view of charred earth when not in use.

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