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Social Media And Real Estate: Everything You Need To Know To Sell

A survey of Realtors showed that social media was the best source of high-quality leads. Social media ranked higher than the Multiple Listing Service.

If you’re using social media but coming up with bad leads or none at all, you need to adjust your strategy. Here are some great tips that you need to use to sell real estate online.

Pick the Right Channels

Marketing real estate comes down to being at the right place with the right message at the right time.

Let’s start with the right place. It’s nearly impossible to be on every social media network and do a good job posting content regularly.

It helps to take a targeted approach to showcase your property listings. You need to know your audience and where they hang out online.

You also want to take advantage of your natural circle of friends and family, which is why Facebook should be your first platform.

Instagram can be your number two social media channel if you work with Hispanic adults or women. A majority of women, adults under 24, and Hispanic adults turn to the platform. They don’t use it for news, but for entertainment.

You want to make sure that you choose a few social media channels that your target audiences use on a regular basis.

Make Your Content Engaging

Think of how people use social media. They’re on their phones, scrolling endlessly until they see something interesting. They’ll read the post or watch a video, like it, and move on.

They may click through to your website. When you think like users, you begin to understand what makes content interesting and what doesn’t.

For example, a video that just shows you talking to the camera doesn’t get any views. However, if you add animated titles, subtitles, and make quick cuts in the video, you can keep the attention of users.

You can showcase your listings by doing a video slideshow of photographs or doing a tour of the home. Check out this article for a few more tips to use social media to sell a home.

Use Paid Ads

Organic reach doesn’t work all of the time. That’s because each social network uses algorithms to personalize content for each user.

If you want to get your content seen, you have to use paid ads. The good news about using paid ads is that you can target your ads to your local area.

Your ads have to be even more engaging than your organic content. Most people don’t trust ads, so you have to work a lot harder to build trust and generate interest in a split second.

Use Social Media to Sell Real Estate

It is possible to use social media to sell real estate listings and get quality clients. You need to be sure that you select the right social media channels to reach your audience. Then you need to deliver the right content that people will find interesting.

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