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4 Ways To Save On a Long-Distance Move

Moving costs are already expensive, and for many people, that price can more than double when you factor in all the costs associated with moving long distances. To cut down on the already overwhelming stress and cost of your move, it’s a good idea to fully plan everything down to the very last detail. Although this does take some time, it will cut down on costs and save you from headaches in the future. If you’re looking for tips on how to save on your move, this article is for you.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Although they can seem costly, hiring a moving company is a great idea if you have a lot of items to transfer for long distances. In many cases, moving companies pack up your entire house for you and move it all for one cost. This will cut down on all the planning you’ll have to do yourself, and could also cut down on the time it takes to pack. It’s a good idea to quote your move by searching for semi-trailer storage rentals Auburn WA so you can get quotes and make alternative plans if the cost is out of range. Although this is one of the more expensive choices, if you own valuable furniture, it will be less costly than replacing valuable items.

Sell Some Belongings

If you’re on a very tight budget for your big move, it may be worth considering selling or donating some of your belongings in order to make more room for your move. If you’re hiring a moving truck, you can usually estimate the number of items that you can take on a particular trip by measuring the square footage. If you’re due for a closet or cabinet cleanout before your move is the best time. This way you’ll have only the items that you want in your new place instead of taking up more space during the move.

Move During The Off-Season

Typically, moving companies get the busiest during the Summer. Not only will moving fees be more expensive, but rent is also sometimes more expensive. Moving during the offseason will decrease some of the costs associated with the busier Summer months. You’ll also be far less likely to run into issues because of traveling families and busy moving companies.

Find Free Or Cheap Moving Boxes

If you’re looking to save every penny that you can when you’re moving, it’s a good idea to check out local businesses to see if they’re able to offer you free boxes for your move. Many stores have an overabundance of cardboard boxes in various sizes that can help simplify and cut down the costs from your move.

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